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We are proud to carry a full line of high-quality alfalfa seed products that consistently provide real results. Each brand of seed is hand-selected by our team of professionals to ensure the highest performance, hardiness and forage quality.

2019 Alfalfa Seed

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Alforex alfalfa provides high-yielding, high-quality results that are well-tailored to your growing conditions. For improved yield, nutritional characteristics and the latest agronomics, Alforex offers field-proven varieties to match your growing conditions. Alforex Seeds combines breeding and production capabilities from Dairyland Seed and Cal/West Seeds to create a stronghold of leading-edge technologies.


DEKALB's Roundup Ready® Alfalfa System provides unsurpassed weed control potential with superior crop safety, allowing you to grow more, higher-quality alfalfa. With DEKALB, you'll experience a higher percent purity of alfalfa in hay and haylage, more alfalfa yield opportunity per acre than competitive production systems and significantly improved quality (lower ADF intent, lower NDF intent and higher RFV intent).


INTEGRA alfalfa delivers strong, consistent yields. INTEGRA alfalfas are protected by Apron XL® (mefenoxam), one of the most effective and reliable seed treatment products available, which guards against damping-off caused by Pythium and from early season Phytophthora. INTEGRA alfalfa also utilizes Dormal® inoculant which is clay-based to allow for maximum moisture absorption and rhizobium performance.


NEXGROW® Genetics (NEXGROW) offers ultimate flexibility with its extensive line of conventional, Roundup Ready® and HarvXtra® alfalfa seed allowing you to achieve top yield potential and high forage quality. Nexgrow's alfalfa breeders have developed specific varieties for top performance under almost any conditions—from dryland to irrigated, hot summers to bitter cold winters, and every soil type from sand to clay.


Alfalfa is no longer a one-size-fits-all crop. When selecting a variety, growers face challenges with variations in moisture, temperature, disease and pest pressure from season to season, field to field and acre to acre. All Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties in the U.S. are treated with Apron XL® to help protect against seedling damping off diseases and Phytophthora root rot for good stand establishment.

S & W Seed Co.

S & W Seed Co. specializes in high-yield alfalfa varieties with a wide range of adaptation across many growing environments. Their non-dormant breeding program is focused on maximizing yield regardless of challenges related to soil and water salinity. S & W Seed Co.'s dormant alfalfa breeding emphasizes high yield and forage quality, developing hardy alfalfa varieties with plenty of resistance to disease and stress.

W-L Alfalfas

W-L Alfalfas' goal is always the same: to create high-quality seed that delivers better yields for growers. As conditions evolve, they continue to have the infrastructure, experience and creativity to meet the world’s growing demands. For nearly 60 years, W-L Alfalfas has been offering alfalfa varieties built on a strong foundation of research and development to help farmers reach and exceed their crop potential.