Our Services

From the Ground Up


Macy's Flying Service is proud to provide a full lineup of agricultural and agronomic services.

Aerial Application

Take to the skies.

Our professional, experienced Ag Pilots are dedicated to caring for your crops on the highest level.

Precision Agriculture

Farm smarter.

Our specialized precision ag solutions allow you to operate and understand your farm in the most efficient way.

Ground Application

Spread it your way.

You can count on the Macy's Crew for complete, accurate ground applications every time.

Soil Health Management

We know dirt.

Protect and enhance one of the most valuable resources on your farm with a comprehensive soil health plan.

Integrated Pest Management

A natural fit.

Ensure that your fields have all of the good and none of the bad with a customized IPM plan.

Field Scouting & Monitoring

All in the details.

The Macy's Crew is dedicated to keeping a keen eye on your crops with a proactive approach.

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